New You Substance Recovery Advocates (NYSRA)

Recovery is a very personal process. By the time you are ready to ask for help, you want the best treatment possible. You want to know you can find the kind of addiction therapy services that work. At New You Rehab, we put our focus on your health and welfare and finding you the best advocates for you mental and physical health.

By keeping our patients away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, they can better focus on recovery. The quiet atmosphere around our facility only serves to enhance the entire recovery process.

As a progressive rehab facility, we prefer to treat each of our patients as individuals. Back in the day, many rehab facilities treated patients with a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. Today, patients receive more individualized attention. The cookie-cutter approach fails to recognize the uniqueness of each patient. It’s for this reason that we provide a full range of addiction treatment modalities.

At the end of the day, the best therapy will be one that prevents relapse of an addict.

What is the Best Addiction Recovery Therapy?

Relapse Prevention Therapy

RPT is a behavioral program on our treatment modalities list that teaches individuals recovering from substance addiction to anticipate and cope with the probability of a relapse, as well as providing techniques for preventing such relapses. It can be used for treatment or as an aftercare program to help reinforce goals that were accomplished during treatment.

The following are some of the benefits and goals of RPT:

  • Understanding relapse
  • Identifying and handling high risk situations
  • Coping with urges and cravings
  • Damage-control procedures
  • Staying engaged in treatment
  • Learning to create a balanced life

We dedicate ourselves to every individual’s full recovery. We use mindfulness-based RPT to target and teach techniques that individuals can utilize for a lifetime. These techniques are used as preventatives from relapse, depression, and/or panic. Our RPT program encourages patients to be aware of triggers and behaviors, and this awareness will aid patients in being more proactive in safeguarding their own recovery.

RPT is taught in a group setting with a trained and licensed therapist. Patients discuss coping strategies in dealing with problems such as residual urges and cravings for illicit substances. We demonstrate the different pitfalls and temptations that recovering individuals encounter and establish techniques to avoid them.

Unrealistic expectations of perfection often result in failure. Our staff works with individuals to set realistic goals and expectations to prevent relapses. We help patients to see that the pain of the past can become a stepping stone to a future built on choice rather than compulsion. Another one of our more effective treatment modalities, Writing Therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the act and process of writing as catharsis. Also known as journaling, writing therapy encourages the process of consciously experiencing deep emotions that have previously been repressed, thus moving them to the surface and allowing them to come out, in this case, on the page. Writing is a way of channeling and focusing on your emotions, experiences, and traumas in the way that forces you to organize these complex thoughts and channels them into order and a narrative. This process helps us to better identify, describe, and understand the things that are causing us pain.

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