10 Ways to Relax Without Alcohol

Life Without Alcohol is Relaxing and Fulfilling For many Americans today, alcohol is commonly associated with helping adults relax, avoid stressful situations, and free themselves from unwanted emotions and feelings. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to relax without drinking alcohol that are more sustainable long-term and which will improve your mental health. Here are ten […]

Effects of alcohol on the body

How does alcohol affect the body? It’s an all-too-familiar feeling: the effects of alcohol on the body. Waking up to a blindingly bright light, a throbbing headache, eyes that appear to be sealed shut and a serious feeling of regret. Anyone who has ever had a hangover knows how uncomfortable the after-effects of alcohol are, […]

Women now drink as much as men, why is that?

Newly published research suggests that women, probably for the first time in our history, consume as much alcohol as men. This revelation begs the question, “Why and how did this happen?” But more important than isolating the cause of the increase in alcohol consumption in women is the focus on effective prevention and treatment of […]

Would you like to sleep better? Avoid alcohol

Are you one of the millions of people who don’t get enough sleep? Or who falls asleep but then doesn’t feel rested in the morning? When looking for a better night’s sleep, one of the factors you might want to check out is the effect of alcohol on that elusive good night’s sleep. But doesn’t […]

Supersized Alcopops – a dangerous alcoholic beverage marketed to minors

A study of drug and alcohol addiction shows that a significant percentage of alcohol intoxication from oversized alcopops occurs in underage drinkers (46%). This information is alarming, and begs the question of whether oversized alcopops are intentionally made and marketed to underage consumers. What are oversized alcopops? And should such a product even be on […]

Ban on advertising for alcohol, gambling and drugs on Youtube

Ban on advertising for alcohol, gambling and drugs on Youtube On June 14, 2021, Youtube announced a ban on advertising for alcohol, gambling or prescription drugs on its website. In particular, the platform forbade controversial advertisements to appear in their clearly visible rectangle at the top of the homepage, the so-called masthead. The move follows […]

8 myths about alcohol

One of the big problems with alcohol is that it is often viewed as a safe, socially acceptable substance. There is a world full of misunderstandings about alcohol. This could be one reason why more people die from alcohol-related causes each year than from all other drugs combined. One of the first steps in properly […]

How alcohol consumption is slowly killing you

From liver disease to heart problems, cancer to obesity, alcohol consumption leads to a variety of health problems over time that can be fatal. Contrary to what most people understand or believe, addiction and abuse are Not the only risk one is exposed to while drinking. Drinking alcohol “in moderation” also has adverse health effects. […]

Is there a link between drinking less and reducing pain?

While the US opiate problem is often making headlines in addiction reporting, the US alcohol problem is also a growing public health crisis. Excessive drinking causes a variety of health problems. It follows that reducing alcohol consumption would lead to positive health outcomes. Is it possible that quitting the alcohol will also result in some […]