Marijuana Positive? Many Factors To Consider First

“If I smoke pot Saturday, will it show up on a drug screen Wednesday?” This question is probably at the forefront of many minds when facing the possibility of an upcoming drug test. If you’re not a frequent user, the lasting effect may be out of your system by then. But then again, there’s an […]

Young people are at increased risk from cannabis use

Marijuana is perhaps the most commonly abused drug in the United States. Additionally, today’s marijuana is stronger than ever with the risk of potentially permanent negative effects on its users. Marijuana advocates have been given a loud voice through state legislation and legalization rhetoric. In this setting, young people may perceive a minimal risk of […]

Bruce Lee Letters and the Drug Use of Young Celebrities

Substance use disorders among young celebrities In 1973 actor and martial arts expert Bruce Lee had a mild headache. After taking Equagesic, a prescription pain reliever, Lee fell into a coma and never woke up. The 32-year-old actor’s cause of death was found to be a reaction to an ingredient in the pain relievers he […]

What does it mean to be “California Sober”?

Have you ever heard of the term “California Sober”? It’s a phrase popularized by singer / actress Demi Lovato in a recent documentary that describes her battle against addiction. According to the star, the term means avoiding all addictive substances, with the exception of “soft” drugs like marijuana and alcohol. The practice is rooted in […]

Khat is abused all over the world and is coming to America

Even if a mind-altering drug popular in other countries has not yet gained significant penetration in the United States, that doesn’t mean Americans shouldn’t be made aware of its potential dangers. Much of the drug trafficking problem in this country is that drugs are brought into the US from other parts of the world. Medicines […]

Wherever medical marijuana is advertised, youth consumption increases

While marijuana remains a hotly contested issue across the country, most parents would agree that they would not want their teenage children to use marijuana. Up to this point, a 2019 study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that the more likely young people were exposed to medical marijuana advertisements, the more […]

The cruel health effects of meth addiction

Methamphetamines are extremely addicting and the withdrawal symptoms are severe, making it difficult to quit. And as if meth addiction wasn’t bad enough in itself, new research shows that most meth addicts also grapple with many health problems, behavior problems, and sometimes life-threatening hardships. Meth addicts are likely to find themselves in serious and complex […]

What effects does drug addiction have on the environment?

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon as a representative of the South American deforestation for cocaine plantations. (Image courtesy Purdom and Nokes 2014) Substance abuse harms the ecosystem. This damage is a researched and documented fact – albeit perhaps little known and surprising. In recent years there has been increased awareness of the deteriorating state of […]