Drugs can kill in many ways

Medication overdoses make headlines and thus public opinion. A huge focus is on overdoses, largely because they have skyrocketed over the past two decades. However, there are many other ways that drugs can kill. Drug use increases the risk of death regardless of what type of drug a person uses or how they use it. […]

Millennials are at higher risk of addiction

Drug addiction can affect anyone. Nobody is exempt from the risk. However, unlike Gen X or baby boomers, millennials are more likely to develop a problem with substance abuse. Over the past 10 years, drug abuse rates for the generation have skyrocketed. According to the Trust for America’s Health and Well Being, drug-related deaths rose […]

Young adults abuse drugs more than their parents

A recent study found information suggesting that young people were more likely to use drugs than their parents when their parents were young. The study focused on a wide range of health metrics, including physiological status, mental health, and behavioral health. Unfortunately, health indicators appear to have deteriorated on a number of metrics, suggesting that […]

Cocaine identification

Cocaine: identification through tests, sensory ID You may have seen a movie or TV show in which a policeman licks his index finger, wipes it into a bag of white substance with practice, and then pensively licks the remains of the powder. This technique was most likely not taught during police academy. You may remember […]